Saturday, May 1, 2010


TODAY is the 1st of May :) it's my mom's birthday, the one the only.... she's my heart and my soul, my biggest love ever and my best friend :) not only we share the same size and fashion style... i always can tell her whatever i feel.... she always gave me everything i wanted... i great artist and designer, a wonderful person that everyone loves... a beautiful face.... MY MOM!!! so happy birthdayyyyyy, feliz compleano, sretan rodjendan, xronia polla..... I LOVE YOU THE MOST IN THIS WORLD!!!

this is my mom when she was 17 :) at the late 60's


my mom when she was 24, in a very italian style... she was super tanned than...


this is me, my little brother and my mom, 16 years ago

and this is us :)

5 comments: said...

What wonderful pics! Your mom looks so fab in all of them.

bubu said...

mama ti je prekrasna žena!!!
i da, želim ti pomoći oko hrvatskog. :-)))) puno pozdrava, bubu

Prefecta said...

She's so beautiful! No wonder her daughter also is gorgeous :D

Miss you already, don't exhaust yourself with your school tasks. Remember to have fun, too!

I hope your trip to Norway is perfect!!

<3 -p-

Chryssa said...

lovableeeeeeeeeeeeee :)))))

soffisingles said...

preslatko. ;)
a mama je komad.